Portal – a specialized vault that enables users to deposit yield-bearing assets and receive future yield immediately

Upfront yield – interest that’s paid to a counterparty before it’s due

Portal Energy – an Portal-native asset which measures the amount of yield that can be claimed by a depositor

Funders – participants who deposit PSM tokens to bootstrap a Portal’s liquidity before it goes live. Funders also receive bTokens based on how much PSM they deposit.

Depositors – users who deposit yield-bearing assets into a Portal and unlock upfront yield

Arbitrageurs – participants who buy out a Portal's accrued yield assets for PSM, making a riskless profit

Funding Pool - receives 10% of the PSM deposited by arbitrageurs. Funders' bTokens can be burned to redeem a share of the Funding Pool's assets

bTokens - given to Funders for bootstrapping Portal liquidity, and can be redeemed for a pro-rata share of the Funding Pool

RewardRate - the rate at which bTokens are issued (expand)

Time Rift - a community onboarding tool that rewards depositors with PSM tokens, as well as increased APY in return for distributing Energy Bolts (accrued PSM tokens) to Possum ecosystem addresses

APY - annual interest rate assuming daily compounding (reinvesting earned yield)

Bolting - the act of distributing Energy Bolts to one of the whitelisted addresses in a Time Rift, thereby funding the Possum ecosystem

Claim Balance - the amount of PSM tokens a Time Rift depositor can claim once the 90-day staking period has ended

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