Adapters are customizable plugins that enable Possum products to interact with external protocols in many different ways.

While the variety of use cases for Adapters is limitless, the first Adapter will be built on top of the v2 Portals. The Adapter will launch alongside Portals v2, and will enable users to claim upfront yield from any v2 Portal in any liquid token available on Arbitrum’s DEXes. Technically, the user will still request upfront yield in PSM, but behind the scenes, the Adapter will swap that PSM for the requested token via select DEXs or aggregators on Arbitrum.

More Adapters can be added to Portals (or any future Possum product) at any time, and there’s no limit to the number which can be added to any product. For example, future Adapters may add the following functions to Portals v2:

  • Deposit any token into any Portal

  • Automated upfront yield strategies (e.g., automatically buy leverage long ETH position with upfront yield)

  • Provide liquidity with upfront yield

For more examples of how Adapters can further improve the utility of upfront yield, we covered 6 more ideas in our 2-part Adapters mini-series (part 1, part 2).

Because of their flexibility, Adapters also make for a great community tool, both internally and externally. We look forward to discussing strategy suggestions from our users and community members, as well as using them to boost the composability and utility of other DeFi products.

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